Peruvian food is amongst the most diverse in the world, as demonsrated by the fact that it is one of the countries with the most typical dishes and according to the experts a level similar to that of french, chinese or indian cuisine.

There are at least 5,000 years of history in peruvian cuisine. There are 3 centuries of spanish gastronomic contributions, the traditions brought over by slaves from the atlantic coast of africa and the strong influence from the french chefs that escaped from the revolution in their country in order to move, in large numbers, to the capital of the viceroy of Peru. Equally trascendental are the chienese-cantonose, japanese and italian influences from the XIX century and other europeans who migrated to Peru between the XIX and XX centuries.

As an exclusive particularity of peruvian cuisine there are foods and flavors from four continents in a single country dating as far back as the second half of the XIX century. During the last decade of the XX century, peruvian cuisine started to become popular outside of its borders. At the fourth international gastronomic convention Madrid Fusión 2006, from January 17th through the 19th of 2006, the city of Lima was named gastronomic capital of America.

In adition of holding several Guinness world records for its variety, quantity and quality, peruvian food is constantly awarded internationally and its chefs often win international medals that distinguish them. Perú Deli and its peruvian chef Rosa Araceli Torres, have the honor of introducing an armonious selection of peruvian cuisine. We hope you will enjoy it.

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